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SYNOPSIS “Temple of the Souls”

A modern day tour guide leads visitors through the sacred grounds of the El Yunque rain forest and into an ancient cave inhabited by Taíno spirits, the indigenous people who once ruled the island. A young couple are immediately drawn to one another and entranced when they notice an ancient petroglyph; a famous fable of forbidden lovers known as the parents of the Meztiso race. As their Bohito tour guide sings to the Taino spirits, the young couple are magically transported back in time to relive the tale of star-crossed lovers.


Guario, a young Taíno runaway, and Amada, the daughter of a Conquistador meet at the joyous San Juan Bautista Fiesta, which quickly turns to a carnival of danger as they face racism and greed.


The Taino Souls who inhabit the lands yearn only to protect Amada and Guario who must runaway from an intolerant world. They climb to the top of El Yunque mountain, to the sacred grounds of the Temple of the Souls and dream of a happy ever after. But fairy tales don’t always come true. And Don Severo, Amada’s Conquistador father , her cousin Nemesio, whom she’s been betrothed to, and a town of discriminant Spaniards have a different ending in mind.

Nana, Amada's Taino nanny, is perhaps their only hope. We learn she is Don Severo's secret concubine and Amada's real mother. But Amada is raised as Spanish royalty, and the truth of her Taino blood can never be revealed. If so Amada is as good as dead, and Severo would be excommunicated from the church, exiled from the town he rules and his crown ship renounced. Nana, also a Bohiti shaman's sole mission is to guide Amada and Guario through this ripple in time in order to assure the Mestizo race exists today.

This Romeo and Juliet tale is a timeless reflection of lessons we have yet to learn, and a beautiful story of a love that is stronger than death.


TEMPLE OF THE SOULS, a story of forbidden love

A Story of Forbidden Love


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